Special Order Tracking

Track special orders for customers, enter stock orders, and create, print and receive purchase orders from vendors.

Hobby Shop Purchase Order Features

  • Enter special orders for customers. Convert the special orders into sales when received.
  • List special orders that have been received but not yet invoiced to the customer.
  • Manage canceled special orders. If you have not received the special order items, choose to delete the order, transfer the items to an existing order or transfer the items to a new order. If you have received the special order items, easily transfer them to your available stock.
  • Track back orders and other exceptions easily. The purchase order may remain open, be canceled, or the items may be reordered on a new purchase order.
  • Track "best price" for accessories that are provided by multiple vendors and change the vendor to order from when necessary.
  • Print pick lists.
  • Change cost, prices and other information when receiving.
  • Generate reports for order status, back orders and suggested inventory to buy based on established reorder points. Outstanding orders will be taken into account.
  • Print barcodes as inventory is received on a purchase order (requires a barcode printer).
  • Change the shipping address on an order, for a customer or for your stock, quickly and easily.
  • View the monthly sales history of an item when ordering.
  • Use EDI to electronically transfer information (purchase orders, invoices, product availability, etc.).
Special order screen

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